Mysterial Woman
Driving the Experience of Women Today
"I Am not enough"
It is time for women to wake up out of the trance of these old codes
 that keep us from believing in ourselves and that we can make a difference 
in the world. 

GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO some simple resources to SHIFT these pervasive negative beliefs into liberating new beliefs.
The research shows...
  •  After 15 years of in-depth research, we uncovered the invisible unconscious blocks passed down for millennia that hold women back from realizing their full potential and becoming the leaders our complex world needs today. 
  •  The pervading burnout, anxiety, discomfort, depression, and feeling of deep unrealized potential among women is a collective phenomenon and a sign of evolutionary changes in motion.  
  •  The restrictive patterns that have held the next level of women’s wisdom, love and power back are anchored in 5 specific unconscious limiting beliefs encoded deep in our DNA. 
  •  The key to unlocking our full unbridled self-expression and potentiality was also revealed within this body of research. 
  •  During the course of delivering our university-level women’s leadership programs, we conclusively uncovered the path to our full self-realization and it’s potential to positively impact the troubled times we live in. 
  •  The precise course that women can follow to awaken, shift and evolve is now available to women everywhere.
This is just the beginning
 Access the 5 Liberating Beliefs and Self-Compassion Practice teachings today. 

You can begin using these immediately to identify what’s holding you back, allow you to question the truth of the old codes, and center back in your true self during emotionally difficult times. 
Meet Suzanne Anderson
Suzanne Anderson is a psychologist, executive leadership coach, international speaker and co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. As a master of transformative learning and a thought leader on resilient leadership, she has dedicated the last 15 years to decoding an embodied, integral and accelerated pathway to unlock women's innate potential.

The Way of the Mysterial Woman earned the Gold award in the Women’s category of the 2016 Nautilus Book Awards, praised for “Focusing on the multi-dimensional roles of women in life, in community, and in leadership around the world.” Suzanne supports women who are ready to lead in an entirely new way - to show up as creative agents of change in this turbulent time on our planet, with courage and commitment, resilience and grace.
"As a dedicated self-improvement junkie, I’ve signed up for everything - and even committed to a year-long personal intensive. Working with Suzanne was the most effective and deep work that I have ever done! I was always doing for others and felt my life was engulfed with “shoulds” and endless lists of “to dos” that were bringing me less and less joy. My soul was withering and I was weary. I felt burned out and needed to find peace around what was no longer working for me in my life.

Suzanne’s work helped me create a new way of being in the world that gave me more access to my inner knowing, to what I truly long for, and to the belief that I deserve it - all of it. For the first time ever, I feel more at ease in knowing what my strengths are and what is mine to do in the world. I’m able to say “no” from a position of strength - honoring myself and what my body needs. I have more capacity to listen and give from a more authentic place in my heart. I’m spending more time “being” than doing, and the quality of my relationships with my adult kids and my partner are blossoming.”
—Cindi, Director of Client Relations and Executive Coach
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