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Mysterial Awakening of Women
What If The Restless Longing You Feel Is Evolution Calling You Forward?
Women everywhere feel stuck
We feel a profound yearning for fulfillment, a longing for deeper meaning and a desire to fully share our gifts with the world. But we don’t know where to begin. 

We are also experiencing a collective sense of suffering, disconnection, and dissatisfaction that can be hard to articulate. Many of us imagine that we alone are experiencing this dull ache... wanting to find a way to set our constricted souls free.

We (perhaps) thought that this pervasive sense of not being or doing enough, was a sign of failure or a personal issue we must overcome, instead of what it actually is... 

The call of evolution... into a world that is decidedly more integrated in its Masculine and Feminine strengths. 
Perhaps You find yourself... 
  • ​Feeling tired of constantly giving to everyone else and having nothing left for yourself at the end of the day.
  •  Wondering where your playful spirit went and how life became such hard work.
  •  Longing for a soul-filled relationship where you can feel met and received for all of who you are.
  •  Experiencing confusion that you are dissatisfied when you’ve accomplished so much in your career and life (perhaps feeling that you don’t have any right to complain). 
  •  Feeling pulled to discover and share your unique gifts, and make a contribution, but not knowing where to begin?
  •  Feeling alone and alienated from the mainstream and afraid to share what you see with others.
  •  Being overwhelmed by everything that you are responsible for and are wondering how you will survive, let alone thrive.
This deep inner struggle is manifesting in our individual personal lives for a collective reason
Never before has the need for self-medicating, self-soothing, and numbing-out been stronger. We’re (understandably) trying to take the edge off the intense discomfort we’re feeling.

Women are turning to anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications at never before seen rates.
It IS a call to grow into our next evolutionary incarnation, one that can meet the challenges we face and deeply influence the solutions that we need to create, during this profound shift in our world.
There is AN up-leveling of Your capacitY that is trying to emerge now... Can you sense this new way of being?
It is a way that allows you to enter the fullness of your deeply Feminine and Masculine wisdom, love and power.

Its grounded creative wisdom bridges worlds. 

The time has come to recognize yourself as a woman at the frothy edge of evolution, and discover what you uniquely stand for in these changing times.
This is the Mysterial Way
This is a very critical time for humankind.

The toxic elements of our current hyper-masculine paradigm will not voluntarily make way for the collaborative and co-creative nature of the Masculine and the Feminine working together. 

This path is about giving birth to our deepest potential that brings together, into an integrated whole, ALL OF WHO WE ARE.

Our times are calling forth a new level of consciousness in women, effectively catalyzing the emergence of a new woman... The Mysterial Woman.

The course of the world needs to shift in order for us to avoid a Dark Age, and instead usher in a Renaissance. And while that feel too big for any one of us to change, the truth is that change will happen one woman at a time. 
Your deep yearning to contribute and positively impact the world around you has been overshadowed by an elusive sense of effectiveness and congruence:
  • ​Whether it’s in your work, your family life, or your intimate relationships, you’re left feeling as though something just isn’t working.
  • ​You’ve tried to meet and heal the nebulous sense of misalignment, feeling held-back, stuck, overwhelmed and even angry. 
  • ​You’ve attended retreats, engaged in therapy, the latest diet, self-help, spiritual seeking... all in an effort to quell the discomfort and longing you feel.
  • ​And when it's gotten to be too much, you soothe yourself... reaching for... your phone... the wine... binge watching or medication to simply take the edge off. 
I’ve seen women struggling with this dilemma for all of the 20+ years I’ve been doing in-depth women’s leadership development programs.

It is as though we keep trying to add new software to an outdated inner operating system in the hopes that we will feel better, but the system keeps crashing.
Suzanne Anderson
I’m a psychologist, executive leadership coach, international speaker and co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead.

For over two decades I have been on a journey of working with hundreds of women which revealed a developmental pathway, specifically for women that could liberate our Mysterial potential for a profound new level of wisdom, love and power. I’m pleased to tell you, we've defined each step of the path and how women today can initiate this sequence of transformation in their lives.
For those of you who are facilitators, coaches, therapists, managers, mentors or other powerful agents of change, this course will deepen your own personal journey which will serve to expand, enrich, and enlighten your professional work. 

It will also give you important distinctions and understanding when working with women in your practice. For those of you who work in the corporate world , or are entrepreneurs, this journey will facilitate a new level of leadership and inner fortitude. 
This virtual course, along with the accompanying expert facilitation and guidance, distills the fundamentals required to get started on your evolutionary pathway. As women, we are continuously evolving and gaining strength. 

Now it is time to discover this within yourself. 

For many women, the experience of this inner awakening is a bit like being a plant in a pot that’s too small. The discomfort and uncertainty we experience is real, but isn’t really the problem. These symptoms are simply telling us that we are growing and that we need a bigger container... an upgraded inner operating system... 

To hold our emerging potential.
Your Mysterial Emergence
This map of women’s development brings you step by step through the fundamental archetypes that make up human consciousness, allowing you to become more intimately acquainted with parts of yourself that have been left behind, ignored or have become stagnant. 

You will be able to see yourself with more clarity

This is simply who we are... in the office, with our children, as we create art, with our intimate partners, or as we simply interact with people in everyday life. 

And because The Mysterial Sequence follows the archetypal unfolding of women’s development, it is equally powerful whether you are just beginning your journey of self-exploration or you are a long-time seeker.

You will drop in at the level that is aligned with your unique needs.

The Mysterial Sequence is a pathway that is accelerated, integral, embodied, and sets the stage for the deep work of bringing the Feminine and Masculine essences into alignment.

As our Mysterial qualities come online we naturally become leaders in our world.
We rest in a deep sense of self-sufficiency from which our empowered actions ignite. We know that we belong here, have a unique contribution to make, and feel the freedom to express our full creative genius. 

And we are ready to show up in our wholeness and speak our truth as we partner with the Mystery to unfold the future.

This is simply who we are... in the office, with our children, as we create art, with our intimate partners, or as we simply interact with people in everyday life. 

This is exactly what is most needed in this time on our planet... the courage, commitment, resilience, and grace to lead in an entirely new, embodied, integral... Mysterial Way. 

The way that includes all of who you are.

As women, we are continuously evolving and strengthening. The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course is a catalyst to deepen and accelerate your journey.
About The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course
This online course is designed to allow you to take the most powerful step forward in your own evolutionary, healing process: 

To have the ability to see your actions, behaviors and reactions clearly, rather than being unconsciously driven by them. 

This journey is about cultivating the observer within so that you can witness your own experience. While this sounds simple, the truth is that it is a difficult shift to make, and requires a focus and commitment. 

We created the Essentials course because we know that as women, we thrive in community, collaboration and connection; and this global online platform offers a powerful collective field that deepens and accelerates our journey.

Through evocative guided meditations, rituals, leadership practices, written materials, video modules, interactive guidance with Suzanne, and more... we will journey through the archetypal source code of The Mysterial Sequence, igniting each of the five primary energetic gateways.
As a guided initiation process to the Mysterial journey, this course offers you the opportunity to:
  • ​Recognize your own life journey within the unfolding of the human story, enabling you to see that you are a part of the leading edge of this story, and that there are other women on this path with you.
  • ​Identify a clear intention for your own Mysterial emergence that is pulling you forward.
  • ​Rest into a deeper sense of sufficiency and kindness toward yourself — that your being and body has value, and that you have a natural urge to nourish yourself from a loving place.
  • ​Discover how resistance to change shows up in your life, and how you can effectively work with it rather than be stopped by it.
  • ​Develop your own set of doable and viable practices that will carry your transformation forward beyond this course.
  • ​Learn how to use ritual to work with the unconscious in order to lead in partnership with the Mystery.
  • ​Begin to experience magnetic presence: by becoming more authentic and congruent with what is inside you, you’ll begin to attract circumstances that are a better match for you and your potential.
"When I returned to the US after 4.5 straight months in India shooting our film, SOLD, and two years prior to that where I was out of the country more than I was here, I enrolled in a course with Suzanne Anderson that was life-affirming and gave me some new tools to help me deal with both my work in the world and relationships. Suzanne is offering the Mysterial Essentials course and, if you feel like you need to hit the re-set button, no matter where you are in the world, this is a great place to start."

—Jane Charles, Impact Producer/ Consultant at
What is Included in the Course:
You’ll journey through a process that is both linear and exponential, allowing you to progress through a series of activations that will bring you insight, awareness and clarity. 

The coursework will be delivered to you on a weekly basis over our eight weeks together, and you’ll be supported along the way with LIVE integration calls with Suzanne Anderson.
All course information, materials and recordings are on a private website accessible only to you as a participant and are yours to download so you can revisit as needed. 

The Way of the Mysterial Woman book is required reading for the course. You’ll be directed to buy the book upon registration in the course. 
"The Way of the Mysterial Woman is calling forth a deeper knowing of my Self, my leadership capacity as a woman and as a contributor to the Change we are being called into leading. It is richly rewarding to be so engaged with a learning community of amazing women, with guidance from Suzanne and her elegant leadership."

—Gretchen Krampf
Overview of the individual sessions:
(*Each of the session descriptions below begins with some background about the individual archetypes and the energy they embody when fully cultivated through the deep shadow work that takes place further along the pathway. The Essentials course is the beginning of this pathway.)
Ritual Preparations for the Journey
When we engage a collective field of like-hearted women in our learning, we awaken an engine of transformation that creates a quantum shift in the potential for our growth and development. Ritual is a powerful, potent, and core language of the Mysterial Woman that engages both the conscious and the unconscious mind in the learning journey.
  • ​Understand "Why Women, Why Now..." the evolutionary context for women awakening to the next level of consciousness and leadership capacity.
  • ​View the map of our accelerated, integral, embodied pathway that is actually aligned with how women grow.
  • ​Discover how to create the conditions you need for your own transformation.
  • ​Find out how to work with the three centers of intelligence so that you can consciously draw upon the full wisdom of your mind, heart, and body.
  • ​Discover how the myth of Persephone’s heroine’s journey carries the initiatory seed code that will activate your own Mysterial journey.
  • ​Learn why and how to create an outer representation of your inner process. And how to tend the seed of the Mysterial potentiality within you, in a way that encourages its growth.
The Mother Archetype
The Mother Archetype invites you to be with your current reality - with what is - and ground into the relaxed state of being in the here and now. This is the only place from which you can push off into the future of your becoming.
  • ​Understand why the Mysterial Sequence begins with cultivating a healthy inner Mother.
  • ​Look at and honestly acknowledge the truth of all domains of the current reality of your life - both what is not working (your suffering) and what is working and aligned with who you truly are.
  • ​Touch into and nourish a deeper sense of the value of your being as the place from which your leadership arises.
  • ​Learn how the limiting belief of The Mother - “I am not enough” - is deeply woven into the unconscious fabric of women’s identity.
  • ​Awaken the liberating belief of The Mother - “I am enough just as I am” - and send it rippling through your being.
The Hero Archetype
The Hero Archetype empowers you to courageously move toward the creative expressions of your soul’s calling. This fiery Masculine force of becoming is the key to manifesting and sustaining your deepest dreams and visions.
  • ​Identify a clear intention for your own Mysterial emergence.
  • ​Discover the power of Rhythmic Drive - the ability to pulse on and pulse off - so that you can consciously move between action and resting.
  • ​Become aware of how the limiting belief of The Hero - “I have to do to be of value” - can drain your life force.
  • ​Awaken the liberating belief of The Hero - “I am empowered to do what is mine to do” - and allow it to ignite your creative expression.
The FAther Archetype
The Father Archetype guides you to create the structures in your life that will support the awakening and expression of your Mysterial nature. When the inner and outer structures are in place you are able to take a stand in the confidence of your own true authority.
  • ​Develop a set of viable, doable leadership practices that engage body, mind, heart and soul, working synergistically together to develop your Mysterial potential.
  • ​Recognize the ways in which the limiting belief of The Father - “I do not belong” - may be unconsciously at work in your own life.
  • ​Invite the liberating belief of The Father - “I am at home in myself and naturally belong” into your life and leadership.
The Maiden Archetype
The Maiden Archetype brings the willingness to shake things up and disrupt the status quo. This fiery feminine essence supports us to trust our intuition and to work with the resistance that is naturally a part of the change process.
  • ​Discover how resistance to change shows up in your body, mind, and heart, so that you can consciously work with it rather than letting it run the show.
  • ​Tune into intuition, synchronicity, and the playful spontaneity of the Maiden.
  • ​Recognize how the limiting belief of The Maiden - “I am not free to express myself fully” - may be cutting off your innate creativity.
  • ​Discover how the enlivening liberating belief of the Maiden - “I am free to express my true nature” allows your uncensored self out of the box.
The Crone Archetype
The Crone Archetype gives us access to the creative potential in ambiguity, uncertainty, not knowing - the Mystery. This third face of the Feminine (Mother-Maiden-Crone) can finally bring together all the other Feminine and Masculine essences that went before, awakening the wise woman and truth teller within.
  • ​Learn the power of not just tolerating, but partnering with the unknown, creative Mystery, encouraging innovation and new opportunities to unfold.
  • ​Explore the power of allowing yourself to wait, hold, and listen until a decision is ready to be made, rather than feeling pressure and anxiety to have the right answer quickly.
  • ​Discover the power of ritual to bridge between the conscious and unconscious worlds.
  • ​Recognize how the limiting belief of The Crone - “I don’t have enough knowledge, connections, or influence” shuts down your wisdom and contribution.
  • ​Awaken the liberating belief of The Crone - “I am an evolving source of wisdom, love, and power” and be delighted and surprised with what emerges in your life.
Mysterial Awakening
Once all the Archetypal gateways are awakened, your Mysterial nature begins to stir deep in the fertile soil of your being. As you tend the seed of your potential, over time the next level of wisdom, love, and power - your Mysterial Leadership - will start to emerge.
  • ​Learn about the eight meta-capacities of a Mysterial woman and assess where your Mysterial nature is already beginning to come online.
  • ​Light up all of the archetypes now awakened within you, and energize the field of your Mysterial potential and our collective Mysterial Murmuration.
  • ​Acknowledge and appreciate all that has started to awaken and identify next steps for how you will encourage your Mysterial growth and development.
  • ​Ritually close the container of the learning community and release the seeds of your potential and those of your circle sisters.
"The Way of the Mysterial Woman has become the number one book I recommend to the beautiful women in my life, no matter their age or stage. This book and work came into my life at a time when I was in a liminal and unraveling space in my life and work. Engaging the Mysterial Process has allowed me to navigate this tender time and to reorient to my vocation and family life in an increasingly positive and sustainable manner. Gratitude to Suzanne for her insight, ability to cultivate intentional community and vision for balancing , renewing and feminizing leadership as we move into the possibilities of a more conscious and compassionate future." 

—Victoria Baker
This transformational experience is available to you now.
If you’d like to hear more about how this course will change your life in deeply metamorphic ways, click the link below to watch videos directly from our past graduates:
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This offering is a unique opportunity to work directly with Suzanne Anderson. The investment in Suzanne's advanced nine-month Depths program or private coaching work begins in the high four-figure range, and so this invitation presents an opportunity to access this work in a far more accessible way... 

The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course is a powerful step for women on the edge of evolution to kick start their own emergence.
The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course will run from
August 12 - October 4, 2019

The LIVE Calls are each on Thursdays from 4-5:30pm Pacific / 7-8:30pm Eastern
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August 15th · August 29th · September 12th · September 26th

Can’t attend all the live calls? No problem! All live calls will be recorded, and you can submit questions ahead of the live session, to be addressed if time allows. Recordings will be available within 24-hours of the live sessions, so you can download and listen at your convenience.
Your registration includes: 
  • ​Private webpages for course information and recordings
  •  8 teaching segments of video and audio recordings for listening and downloading to own forever
  •  Associated reading to further anchor the learning and transformation of thought, belief and action
  •  7 Fieldwork documents with teaching and pragmatic practices to further awaken the archetypes and your Mysterial emergence
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Praise for Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course
"I've done a lot of interpersonal work, and I found this course to be the most transformative of any work I've done, and in a very short time. I experienced a noticeable shift to more peaceful and empowered presence, performing the daily morning practice." 

“I love Suzanne's teachings. I have aha moments every time I listen to her speak. She makes the coursework exciting and invigorating." 

—Leslie Johnson
"I felt I had come to the end of the road and didn't know how to move forward. Suzanne showed me the map. In situations that I find challenging, I've been able to respond in ways that bring me a greater sense of integrity. Being a part of the collective field was life changing."

—Kristen Barton
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